Scaffold Challenge Program

The SAIA Scaffold Challenge Program allows scaffolders with extensive experience the opportunity to have their skills, knowledge and experience assessed against SAIA standards so that they may earn SAIA Journeyperson Certification.

To be eligible for the SAIA Journeyperson Scaffolder - Challenge Program, the scaffolder must supply proof of at least 10,000 hours working as a scaffold apprentice or journeyperson and a completed competency assessment (minimum score of 80%), performed within the last 12 months by a qualified supervisor with their former or current employer.

For verification, we require either a letter on company letterhead, a Record of Employment from the Canadian government, or stamped union record book proving that the worker has completed the number of hours required (if earned with a non-CLAC employer). Once approved, the scaffolder will be permitted to bypass Level 1 and 2, participating in only Level 3 of the SAIA Journeyperson Scaffolder Training Program. Successful completion of this program will grant ticketed SAIA Journeyperson status.

If the scaffolder should fail either the practical or theory component of the program, their participation in the Challenge Program will be discontinued and they must complete the full program, starting from Level 1. Challenge Program participants are not eligible for a free rewrite of their SAIA exams.


  1. Submit proof of hours and competency assessment for approval.
  2. Pay the appropriate fees and register for the next Level 3 training date.
  3. Complete the 5-day Level 3 Scaffolder Training Program.
  4. Successful completion will grant ticketed SAIA Journeyperson status.

Cost: $800