Building Communities 

Is there a cause in your community that inspires you and makes a difference in the lives of others? If so, we want to hear from you!

CLAC is committed to supporting the communities where our members live and work through our Building Communities program. Twice a year, we donate to up to 15 randomly selected causes from eligible nominations, to help support the important work they do in their community. All causes are nominated by CLAC members, with donations ranging from $1,000 to $2,500.

Log in to myCLAC to tell us about your favourite local cause, what it does, and how it helps your community. We’ll conduct a draw of all eligible causes submitted and make a donation to those selected.


Nominate a Cause Today!



Rules and Eligibility requirements:


1. Up to 15 nominated causes will be selected at random twice per year, once in June and once in December.

2. To nominate a cause, you must have a valid CLAC membership ID number. (This number is listed on your CLAC membership card).

3. A nominated cause must be located either in the community where you work or the community where you live.

4. To be eligible, the nominated cause must:

  • Not conflict with CLAC’s constitution, principles, or purposes
  • Be local in scope (provincial or national charities and their local affiliates that receive funding from the parent organization are not eligible)
  • Provide goods and/or services to the community in which it is located
  • Conduct activities in support of either
    • health and wellness,
    • education,
    • community building projects,
    • poverty alleviation,
    • the environment, or
    • human services (i.e., youth development, shelters).

5. Nominations must be received by March 31 to be eligible for the June draw and October 31 to be eligible for the December draw.

6. Draws will be made from all nomination forms that meet eligibility requirements. The more nominations a cause receives, the greater the odds that it will be selected.

7. Only one nomination form per member per cause will be included in each draw.

8. Members may nominate more than one cause but may not nominate the same cause more than once per draw.

9. A completed nomination form must be sent for each cause nominated.

10. Members may not benefit monetarily, whether in cash or goods, from the cause they nominate.

11. Donations will be made to winning nominated causes in July and January each year.

12. Amounts awarded will be as follows:

  • Five $2,500 donations
  • Five $1,500 donations
  • Five $1,000 donations. 

13. Donation amounts are subject to yearly review.

14. Local causes that win are ineligible to win again for two years.

15. CLAC staff are not eligible to nominate causes.

16. CLAC reserves the right to disqualify any nominated cause or cause selected in a draw at its sole discretion.


Nominate a Cause Today!