Live Well. Be Well.

Improve your well-being with the help of CLAC.

We aim to help create and maintain positive workplaces where health and wellness is promoted and supported.


To do so, we provide mental health awareness and education, financial wellness information and tools, substance abuse case management, and an interactive health and wellness page on



To learn more about our health and wellness services, log in to and select My Health and Wellness. Available to all members.





If substance use is impacting you, talk to your representative or visit our Alcohol and Drug Case Management page in Available to all members.







Sign up for mental health first aid training to learn how you can help someone in crisis. This training is free to CLAC members.







If you are a member of a CLAC Benefits Plan, you have access to our Employee and Family Assistance Program. To use this service you can call 1-800-661-8193 or you can find the website login information in




If you are experiencing a mental health crisis and are struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call or text 988 anywhere in Canada to get connected to professional mental health and suicide prevention resources within seconds.