Long Term Care Investments Are Coming Too Late
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Long Term Care Investments Are Coming Too Late

The new Ontario budget offers to increase staffing and hours of care for seniors in long term care, but not until 2022.

CLAC represents more than 5,000 members working in Ontario’s healthcare system, many of whom work in long term care facilities, in communities such as Barrie, Chatham, the Niagara region, and throughout the greater Toronto area.

“We are experiencing an immediate and current crisis in long term care and this budget fails to provide the additional support needed today by Ontario’s seniors and their caregivers,” says Ian DeWaard, CLAC Ontario provincial director. “While we applaud investments in homecare, mental health, and hospitals, the situation in long term care—which is the final destination for many Ontarians—is deplorable. In its attempt to offer an election budget with such a wide range of new and expensive initiatives, the government has failed to prioritize effectively. The hours shortage on the front-line is an urgent problem, and this government has failed to invest where needs are most acute.”

CLAC will continue to put forward constructive and practical solutions that will improve and sustain the long term care sector. Residents and workers deserve nothing less than a well-funded and well-functioning long term care system that provides all with dignity and respect.

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