Top 10 Health and Safety Violations in Ontario
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Top 10 Health and Safety Violations in Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has compiled a top 10 list of violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, with violence and harassment taking the number 1 spot.

Specific legislation against violence and harassment (Bill 132) was introduced in Ontario in the fall of 2016, so 2017 marked the first full year of it being in effect. The ministry has dedicated enforcement officers specifically trained to deal with violence and harassment, but they cannot keep up with the work, said Peter Augruso, assistant deputy minister, operations division, for the Ministry of Labour. As a result, every industrial inspector is now being trained in this area. 

The top 10 OHS violations list helps guide the ministry’s key priorities for the year, as well as its inspection blitzes. Blitz schedules are posted well in advance on the ministry’s website, so employers should be prepared for a potential visit from an inspector.

“We’re going to tell you what it is, we’re going to tell you the dates of it. Shame on you if we come out there and actually issue orders,” Augruso says. “We can’t do anything more than hold your hand.”

Top 10 OHS Violations for 2017

1.                Workplace violence and harassment (11,662 violations)

2.                Fall protection (9,658)

3.                Lack of personal protective equipment (8,318)

4.                Improper access and egress (6,472)

5.                Health and safety representative and JHSC (6,239)

6.                Administrative (6,007)

7.                Basic OHS awareness training (5,232)

8.                Improper use/maintenance of ladders/scaffolding (4,846)

9.                Lack of machine/equipment guarding (4,276)

10.             Housekeeping/work surfaces


Source: COS magazine

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