Supervisor Micro-Certification Program

The Supervisor Micro-Certification Program (SMCP) is made up of a series of modules. You must complete Module 1, Module 3, and Module 4 prior to beginning Module 5.

Module 5 – Conflict Resolution

In-class or Distance Learning

Supervisors who understand the importance and value of their team evolve into strong people-centric leaders by recognizing that people drive results.

In this module, participants will learn:

  • Why conflict is important to the development of good teams
  • How change management techniques can be used to build agile, resilient teams
  • What is meant by implicit bias and how to manage it
  • What microaggressions are and how to spot and stop them

Participants will explore how conflict can be both good and bad and how to resolve it fairly. They will explore some concepts around harassment, bias, and bystander intervention.

Structure: Instructor-led session (in-person or virtual), which builds on core leadership competencies using group discussions, leadership assessments, applications to real-world situations, and access to peer-to-peer collaboration and mentorship.

Upon successful completion of the module, participants are issued a digital badge.

Duration: 3.5 hours

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