CLAC Training, Ontario-North

CLAC Training is on a mission to improve training opportunities for all of our construction, transportation, and mining members living and working in northern Ontario. 

What We Offer Currently

Online Training
Online training is becoming more and more popular and is a great way to learn about safety and enhance your resume. All of our online offerings can be viewed here:


Distance Learning
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, a number of courses that were taught in class are now taught by distance learning. If you have access to a computer/laptop, check out these courses:


In-Class Courses
Our current in-class courses are:


If you do not see a location that works for you, please use the links at the bottom of each course page to let us know where and when you would like to access this training, and we will attempt to coordinate something that works for you.

Building CLAC Training Offerings in Northern Ontario

If you are interested in a course that is not listed above, please use one of the links below to let us know what training you need and where you are. We will do our best to find something for you. The more we know about the training that you need, the better we will get at offering it. If you have questions please contact Angelique Berube in our Sudbury office at 705-523-0202 or email her at and she will be happy to help.

Don't see the course you need?

Let us know what you're looking to take. We'll try to make something work.