National Construction Safety Officer Certification (NCSO®)

NCSO® (National Construction Safety Officer) is a professional designation recognized by all provincial and territorial construction safety associations across Canada—members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations.

Individuals certified under the NCSO® designation will have demonstrated the skills to:

  • Assist management to implement, maintain, and monitor a company’s health and safety system.
  • Review and identify various health and safety issues specific to the work site and company operations.
  • Communicate effectively with government, occupational health and safety officers, management, and workers regarding all aspects of health and safety.

NCSO® certification is designed to recognize the skills of those who regularly perform a safety function in the field or on the jobsite. Certification requires an applicant to possess a minimum of three years of construction field experience.

* Those seeking an NCSO® designation are required to conduct a Certificate of Recognition (COR®) health and safety student audit of their company as part of their certification.

NCSO® certification is a stepping stone to becoming a leader in the construction health and safety field.

*Those without three years of construction field experience may consider the NHSA (National Health and Safety Administrator) certification, which recognizes the skills of those who undertake safety functions for their company at an administrative level.

Certification Exam

To apply for this certification or to learn more, visit the NCSO® webpage or contact

Required Courses

  • Basic Auditing Principles 
  • Basics of Supervising
  • COR Essentials
  • COR Internal Auditor 
  • Defensive Driving Genera
  • First Aid – Standard First Aid and CPR/AED
  • Introduction to Hazard and Risk Management 
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee Part 1
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee Part 2 (must be IHSA Construction specific)
  • WHMIS 2015
  • Working at Heights
  • Health and Safety Policies, Procedures and Practices on-demand webinar
  • Preventative Maintenance on demand webinar
  • Investigating and Reporting Incidents Training Program

Learn more about the requirements for NCSO® certification on the IHSA website