(Won't Be) Home for Christmas
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(Won't Be) Home for Christmas

Working over the holidays? You're not alone.

From the December 2015 Guide

Many workplaces, such as long term care homes and hospitals, don’t shut down just because it’s Christmas. Someone has to work, and this year, it’s you.

So what can you do if you’re stuck working on a holiday, when you would rather be at home with your friends and family? 

Not just one day – While it may seem like Christmas is only special on the one day, remember that you can celebrate on any day of the year. 

Find the fun – Make the most of your time at work by making it special for your coworkers, patients, or customers. Bring in a tasty treat or play festive music.

Don’t think about it – If you’re constantly thinking about how you’d much rather be celebrating at home than at work, change your thoughts. Try to focus on maintaining a positive attitude throughout the day. 

Prepare – If you know you’re going to be working over the holidays, prepare as much as you can beforehand, and schedule in times to celebrate with your friends and family. 

Count your blessings – You may be stuck at work, but remember that you have a job and that others aren’t so fortunate. 

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