Welding Assessment Helps Newcomers to Canada
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Welding Assessment Helps Newcomers to Canada

New pilot program aims to break barriers to employment

A pilot partnership between Action for Healthy Communities (AHC) and CLAC Training’s welding shop in Edmonton is providing formal assessment and employment coaching for experienced welders who have immigrated to Canada. The goal for 2021 is to work with four internationally experienced welders facing barriers to employment. The project is being funded by the CLAC Foundation.

The program includes three phases:

  1. Recruit – Candidate eligibility and profile of the ideal candidate are being cocreated by CLAC Training and AHC. AHC is promoting the program and screening applicants. CLAC Training and AHC are developing an Introduction to Welding jobs in Alberta/Canada virtual presentation/webinar. The presentation will clarify the assessment process, training requirements, and types of jobs and working conditions.
  2. Assess – The CLAC Training Team will be assessing welders with international experience and communicating next steps and possible pathways to employment, including any required training and certification.
  3. Connect – AHC will work with the client following the guidance of the CLAC Training Team to help them make decisions about training and providing support to identify, obtain, and maintain employment in their field.

This pilot project will be considered complete when four individuals have been through the process. The expectation is that this will be completed in 2021, but funding will be extended until the pilot is completed. If successful, the program may be expanded.

Action for Healthy Communities is a registered charity serving the needs of youth, seniors, and adults in Greater Edmonton. AHC’s objective since its creation in the 1990s is “to build the capacity of individuals and groups to improve their lives and communities through a unique community building process, including support, mentoring, and training.”

The CLAC Foundation funds training for the homeless and new immigrants so they can enter or re-enter the workplace. It also funds union workshops for workers overseas. Created by CLAC, the CLAC Foundation is operated by an independent board of volunteers.

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