Volunteer Firefighters Are the Safe and Effective Choice for  Valley East Residents
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Volunteer Firefighters Are the Safe and Effective Choice for Valley East Residents

Sudbury, ON— On February 9, the City of Greater Sudbury will present a report that will guide city council in determining whether Val Therese, Greater Sudbury Fire Station 16, will be designated a volunteer firefighter station, or a station staffed by full-time firefighters. The resulting decision will set a precedent for the future of volunteer firefighting in the City of Greater Sudbury and beyond.

“Making Val Therese a volunteer firefighter station is the safe and cost-effective choice and could potentially result in a tax break for residents,” says Matt Walchuk, provincial representative for CLAC, which has represented the volunteer firefighters of the City of Greater Sudbury since 2013. “Volunteer firefighters have served this community for generations. They are highly skilled, well-trained, and fully capable of continuing to provide safe and effective fire services.” 

The Val Therese station is complemented by volunteer fire stations in nearby Hanmer and Val Caron. Walchuk notes that three volunteer firefighter stations would be more than enough to effectively serve the residents of Valley East. He also adds that designating Val Therese a full-time fire station could lead to the loss of other volunteer stations in Valley East, leaving New Sudbury, Greater Sudbury Fire Station 3, as the nearest station to assist.

“Volunteer firefighters continue to be a safe and effective means of fire protection across the City of Greater Sudbury, from Chelmsford to Lively and from Wahnapitae to Capreol, and they must continue to do so in Valley East,” he explains.

CLAC is urging residents of Valley East to contact city council to voice their opinion and help ensure volunteer firefighters continue to play an essential role in delivering fire services to the community. Ward 5 councillor Robert Kirwan can be reached by email at robert.kirwan@greatersudbury.ca or by calling 705-929-2778. Ward 6 councillor Rene Lapierre can be contacted at rene.lapierre@greatersudbury.ca or 705-929-5669.

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