Tartan Industrial Services Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract
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Tartan Industrial Services Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract

Fort McMurray, AB—CLAC members employed by Tartan Industrial Services Ltd. working at Suncor’s Base Plant unanimously ratified a 32-month agreement providing them with wage increases and other improvements.

The employees are represented by Construction Workers Union, CLAC Local 63. The union has represented them since October 2016.

The new contract provides employees with a three percent wage increase, keeping them in line with recent market increases and industry standards. Other significant improvements include a $2 per hour increase to the alloy welder premium, from $1.50 to $3.50 per hour, and all breaks will now be paid when working a maintenance shift of 10 hours or more. In addition, the company has signed on to CLAC Training’s new training model, which provides direct access for employees to 34 core training courses offered by the union. The employer also agreed to pay for time spent taking required training courses.

“This is a strong agreement for our members employed by Tartan, as evidenced by the unanimous vote in favour,” says Josh Kellert, CLAC representative. “It provides them with  good wage and premium gains and very beneficial gains with paid breaks and paid training time, while allowing their employer to remain competitive.  We have also maintained and even improved an already great relationship with the employer”

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