Take a Moment to Take in Something Beautiful
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Take a Moment to Take in Something Beautiful

By Carla Brink, CLAC Representative

Winter here in Canada can be a frustrating experience: bitter cold, slippery roads, snarled traffic, slips and falls, the stiffness felt down the spine from being out in our frozen environs working, waiting for the bus or for the car to warm up, shovelling snow.

Winter also provides for plenty of fodder for our weather conversations: “How cold will it get? When will it finally warm up? How much snow are we getting? Who is lucky enough to escape to a hot destination?” 

Winter also adds complications to our workplaces. Working in the cold means extra layers and stiff equipment. Late trucks complicate work schedules in the retail world. Extra duties like mopping the wet floor by store entrances take away from other vital tasks that are performed every day. And just arriving on time for work requires extra planning and likely leaving home earlier than during the other seasons.

Recently, while stuck in slow traffic due to the cold December minus-15 degree wintry weather, I noticed several tiny snowflakes lightly dusting my windshield. The very cold weather allowed the snowflakes to fall gently and separately so that its’ intricate details could be easily viewed on a dark windshield. I could see each exquisite delicate snowflake’s unique design, and I leaned forward to see the crystal patterns that were different in each and every snowflake. For a moment I was lost in the beauty of these tiny wonders … until the car behind me gave a quick notice on their horn that traffic had started to slowly move again.

That moment got me thinking about the beauty around us that we often fail to appreciate: natural wonders like trees coated in frost or the sun glistening on a snow-covered field, music, visual arts, dramatic performances, poetry, and lovely light displays. 

Sometimes we need to distract ourselves from the cold dark mornings, the midday messy slush in the parking lots, the evening slog home in crawling traffic, the bleak chill of our winter nights … and just wonder at the loveliness of a tiny snowflake. 


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