Sudbury’s Volunteer Firefighters Need City Council’s Support
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Sudbury’s Volunteer Firefighters Need City Council’s Support

Local 920 members working for the City of Greater Sudbury are fighting to continue providing trustworthy, affordable service to their community

Sudbury ON—Union representatives for the volunteer firefighters of the City of Greater Sudbury are expressing concern that stagnant contract negotiations between its members and management are putting the community at risk. With an election on the horizon, there is an even greater threat that the valuable role they play will be further overlooked.

For the past three years, Ontario Volunteer Firefighters Association, CLAC Local 920 has been working to negotiate a fair deal with management. The delay in a securing a contract represents a danger to both the volunteers and the community at large, who rely on this service for safety and peace of mind.

“The longer contract negotiations continue, the weaker the city’s service becomes,” says Matthew Walchuk, CLAC representative. “We continue to lose volunteer firefighters at a rapid pace and are now down to around 200 volunteers in a community that is allocated 350.”

Volunteer firefighters want to ensure they will continue to have a meaningful role in delivering fire services to the Sudbury area. Through negotiations, they are also working to ensure that both new recruits and current volunteer firefighters are provided proper support and a reasonable opportunity for success.

“The people of the City of Greater Sudbury know the incredible commitment that is found within the volunteer firefighter community and that they have always provided a safe and effective service,” notes Walchuk. “It is our hope that each city councillor and all candidates for the upcoming election will carefully consider the needs of the volunteer fire service and how council might address those needs.”

To support the City of Greater Sudbury’s volunteer firefighters, contact your local city councillor, or visit CLAC's volunteer firefighter campaign page to learn more.

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