Steward Profiles
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Steward Profiles

Jolene Friesen

Jolene is a Local 306 member employed as an educational assistant (EA) with Hanover School Division. She works at the Steinbach Regional Secondary School.

Why do you work as an educational assistant?

I work as an educational assistant because I enjoy working with students and helping them find success in high school. I receive immense joy in watching them grow and mature from grade 9 to 12 and step into their communities as adults.

What made you interested in being a steward?

Being connected to the administration, the division, and mostly being an advocate for my fellow coworkers is why I became interested in being a CLAC steward. 

What’s been satisfying about being a steward?

When I look back at my steward role, satisfaction has come from seeing the relationships I have been able to create with the administration and the rest of the EAs in the division. Being able to make a difference and being the voice that needs to be heard has been challenging but definitely rewarding.

What’s been frustrating?

Frustration does come in small doses when your voice is not being heard! But I continue to be persistent, listen, and convey the needs of my coworkers. I continue to make steps forward to create a positive work environment for all to be successful!

Mathew Cseh

Mathew is a driver employed by Eastman Recycling Services in Steinbach. He is a Local 306 member and steward and also serves on the bargaining committee. Mathew can be found driving one of the recycling trucks around the Hanover area.

If you could tell recycling customers one thing, what would it be?

Make sure there is no garbage in the blue bin!

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