Senior Prom
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Senior Prom

Local 302 member Lisa Costello and her fellow Garden City Manor employees recently gave their residents a magical night to remember.

Like many creative ideas, this one came from Pinterest. 

An avid silk flower maker with her own workshop to boot, Lisa Costello was browsing Pinterest for wreath and tombstone topper ideas when she stumbled across a pin that caught her attention.

Someone was showcasing silk flower corsages they made for their child’s prom, and the idea for a prom for the seniors at her workplace, Garden City Manor in St. Catharines, Ontario, was sparked. 

“When I floated the idea by my recreational department manager, Robin Sargeson, her eyes just lit up,” says Lisa. “She said, ‘I think we can pull this off!’”

Lisa immediately got to work crafting silk flower corsages and wristlets for the ladies, creating 56 in a month and a half. 

“Tiarah Bates, one of the young recreation managers, had so many ideas for the prom, and she just went lickety-split with it,” says Lisa. “She went out to Goodwill and got fancy, shimmery blouses for the ladies to wear to prom and dress shirts and ties for the men.”

As the prom date drew nearer, planning the event was a team effort. 

“Everyone wanted to pitch in and make it a night to remember,” says Lisa. “Robin purchased some crowns for the prom king and queen to wear, the residents painted old Ensure bottles to make flower vases for each table, and PSWs stopped by and helped hang balloons. Everything fell together so nicely.”

The Garden City Manor prom was held on June 5, and Lisa says it was a night she’ll never forget. 

“It was amazing to see residents all dressed up,” she says. “The rec team did each lady’s hair and makeup and gave them manicures and helped the men tie their ties. The residents just had these huge smiles on their faces the whole time. Even the ones who don’t show emotion very much had perma-smiles.”

The prom was complete with finger food, nonalcoholic wine and champagne, and a local musician performing hits from the 1950s. 

“There was so much fun and dancing,” says Lisa. “Residents were dancing with each other, the ones with walkers were standing there swaying back and forth, and the ones in tilt chairs were tapping their toes. There was a lot of laughs and a lot of tears of joy, too.”

While Garden City Manor now plans on putting on a prom every year, they like to keep their residents’ calendars full with karaoke nights, lip sync battles, western nights, and tie-dye days. 

“It gives the residents something to look forward to, and we love doing it for them,” says Lisa. “We’re their family.” 

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