Reflections of a Homecare Worker
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Reflections of a Homecare Worker

Rey (Reynante) Trinidad is employed as a care technician with VON Canada in London, Ontario. He is a steward, bargaining committee member, and Local 303 Board member. The following are his thoughts on the March 4 day of advocacy

“As a union steward, it was a profound experience to be part of the crucial union advocacy work, engaging with elected officials during the CLAC Healthcare Lobby Day at Queens Park. Despite the weariness, witnessing the hard work of CLAC in amplifying the voices of those with first-hand experience in the field was a powerful avenue for elected officials to grasp the realities of the healthcare system, particularly in homecare, long term care, and retirement home settings.

“My role allowed me to share the collective stories of my peers, shedding light on the challenges we face in the homecare sector. One unexpected encounter during the day provided a significant boost. I had the privilege of meeting an official I did not anticipate, who expressed his gratitude for our efforts and encouraged us to persist. He said, ‘Thank you for coming out here. Continue what you are doing, and keep pushing things.’

“Though they may not yield immediate results, they were a testament to the value of our time, the voices we shared, and the stories we told.

“I was genuinely impressed by the union’s ability to provide a powerful platform for elected officials from all parties to discuss and strategize how to improve the working conditions for healthcare workers and the patients we care for. This platform demonstrated the union’s influence and commitment to advocating for positive change in support of its members.”

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