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Ledcor Pipe & Infrastructure Inc.

Members employed by Ledcor Pipe & Infrastructure ratified a 28-month agreement providing them with a 6% icrease to base wage rates in October 2022. A further increase of 2.5% will take effect in March 2023. Wage reviews will follow thereafter until the end of the agreement. Members are currently working at the Suncor plant and CNRL plant in Fort McMurray.

Tartan Industrial Services Ltd.

Members employed by Tartan Industrial working at Suncor’s Base Plant unanimously ratified a 32-month agreement providing them with a 3% wage increase, keeping them in line with recent market increases and industry standards. Other significant improvements include a $2/hr. increase to the alloy welder premium, from $1.50 to $3.50/hr., and all breaks will now be paid when working a maintenance shift of 10 hours or more. In addition, the company has signed on to CLAC Training’s new training model. The employer also agreed to pay for time spent taking required training courses.

Westward Electric Site Services

Members employed by Westward Electric unanimously ratified a 32-month collective agreement providing them with a 4.46% increase to their base wage rate, bringing their hourly wage to $44.25. In addition, a wage review will be conducted prior to February 1, 2023, the night-shift premium was increased from $2.25 to $3.00/hr., and the dual-ticket premium was increased from $1 to $2/hr. Other improvements include all breaks paid when working a maintenance schedule with compressed work hours, the addition of a carpenter classification, introduction of the use of an oral swab for alcohol and drug testing, $300 toward laser eye surgery, and a new rain gear allowance (50% coverage up to $200). The settlement also includes the adoption of CLAC Training’s new training model. In addition, training time for required new or expiring tickets will be paid.

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