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Borea Construction ULC

Members employed by Calgary-based Borea ratified a 19-month agreement providing them with wage increases of approximately 3% across the wage grid and the introduction of new wage categories for equipment operators and surveyors. Increases to employer pension contributions and benefits were also negotiated along with solid increases to the living-out allowance and daily travel provisions.

Borea is currently building 8 wind and solar projects across the province: Lanfine wind project, Forty Mile wind project, Sharp Hills wind project, Jenner wind project, Whitla 2 & 3 wind project, East Strathmore solar project, Strathmore solar project, and Enchant solar project.

The company is expected to start another couple of projects this year or in 2023. Currently, approximately 100 Local 63 members are working on the projects. This number will hit a peak of 700 to 800 members this summer.

Brand Energy Solutions

Members employed by Brand Energy Solutions strongly ratified a new 24-month agreement with 84% voting in favour. The contract provides a 3% base wage increase, the adoption of CLAC’s new training model, as well as several positive wording changes. 

Brock Canada Field Services Ltd.

Members employed by Brock Canada Field Services ratified a new 24-month agreement that includes a 3% base wage increase and the adoption of CLAC’s new training model. 

Division 28 Fire Safety Canada Inc.

Members unanimously ratified their first agreement with Division 28. The 32-month contract provides them with a strong retirement savings package consisting of enrolment in the union’s pension plan and group RSP with employer contributions to both.

An excellent health benefits plan was also negotiated as well as a full gamut of training courses available through CLAC Training in Alberta’s new training model, which came into effect on January 1, 2022.

The contract includes very competitive wages that will be attractive to the various trades that the company employs, including sprinkler fitters, electricians, and fire safety technicians.

Division 28 is a local business in Fort McMurray owned and operated by former CLAC Local 63 members. It provides new construction, maintenance, and servicing of fire safety systems including electrical and sprinkler systems.

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