Pot Use Linked to Workplace Injuries
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Pot Use Linked to Workplace Injuries

A new study by the Institute for Work and Health found that workers who get high before or during work doubled their risk of injury compared to those who don’t use cannabis or those who use outside of work hours and not right before work. 

Through a series of surveys conducted between 2018 and 2020, researchers found that

•    37.2% of workers had used cannabis in the past, but not in the last year;
•    33.2% of workers used cannabis within the last year;
•    29.5% of workers had never used cannabis;
•    41.3% of those who had used recently used less than once per month;
•    20.3% of those who used recently used almost every day; and
•    5.9% of workers had used at work or right before work (most of these workers were people who reported using cannabis nearly every day).

The study authors did note that they cannot guarantee that all the injuries occurred due to cannabis use. Some people use cannabis to manage symptoms of an injury. 

Source: Institute for Work and Health

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