Pitch Perfect
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Pitch Perfect

Local 52 member and National rugby player Eric Moyer strikes a balance between work and play

Rugby is more than just a sport for Eric, who has been an avid player since his teens. Eric credits rugby with shaping his life.

He is grateful to his brother, David, for introducing him to the sport and the Brantford Harlequins, his local club, for fostering a deep appreciation for growth and development through athletics.

At 39, the Paris, Ontario, resident juggles several international rugby competitions each year with a busy career at Maple Reinders Constructors Ltd. It can be a difficult balancing act, but the skills he’s learned on the field help him manage it.

“I think your on-field personality development helps you develop an off-field personality that builds success,” Eric says. “The skill set I’ve gained from adversity, loss, and success in play has helped me professionally, helped me in relationships, be a better community individual, a better friend—whatever the challenge might be.”

His employers at Maple Reinders have been big supporters of Eric during his pursuit of sport, as well as other commitments and responsibilities, and do their best to accommodate his playing schedule, where possible.

He’s a big believer in a rising tide raises all ships—one of his university coach’s favourite sayings. His growth and development on the pitch allows for further growth and development on the job.

“Maple Reinders allows me to be the best I can be, and it raises the playing field for everyone,” says Eric.

He travelled to Las Vegas in February, where the 35-and-over Canada Selects battled the Australia and USA over-35 national masters Rugby League squads. Soon after, Eric was in Houston with the Canada Classics over-30s national Rugby Union side against the USA Eagles. He is active with other rugby leagues and the Canada Grizzlies, as well as coaching and refereeing whenever commitments will allow.

“I’ve been selected for the Canada Grizzlies tour to Ireland and Wales to play their international over-35 masters sides,” he says.

He is currently training and working hard to be ready for that summer tour.

He is also busy with the Brantford Broncos Rugby League club, which he and two friends founded 10 years ago.

The work culture at Maple Reinders makes his rugby life possible, Eric says. He has been with them for two years, as a skilled labourer with a strong carpentry background. He also serves his fellow members as a steward.

“It’s a great place to be,” he says. “It’s a very family-oriented company with lots of opportunities to grow.”

He also found that his rugby skills help him at work as he deals with challenges, demands, and unpredictable developments.

“Having the skill set to deal with that is very much on par with rugby.”

But he appreciates all the positive aspects of the job. He enjoys the company’s collaborative relationship with CLAC and finds it a refreshing change from previous jobs and unions.

“We are very much on a par with each other. It’s been a great experience joining the Maple team and being represented by CLAC. That only happens when everybody is working toward the same goals.”

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