Picture Perfect
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Picture Perfect

Local 920 members are working hard to keep their community safeā€”and fellow CLAC members proud

Located 35 kilometres east of Ottawa lies the picturesque township of Clarence-Rockland. Originally settled in the mid 1800s with the building of a lumber mill along the Ottawa River, close to 25,000 people now live here and call it home.

Local 920 has represented the over 65 volunteer firefighters in Clarence-Rockland since 2014. The city recently upgraded one of its three fire stations, a multimillion-dollar project that will serve the community for decades to come. 

The volunteer firefighters now have access to a training classroom space for crews, and also an emergency operations management office, for use during disaster situations such as flooding episodes that plagued Rockland over the last few spring thaws. 

In addition, the newly built Station 3 will house both the Rockland fire station trucks and also provide a new home for the Prescott-Russell ambulance units assigned to the area. Below you'll find pictures of some of the members serving the community of Clarence-Rockland at Station 3 prior to the onset of the pandemic.

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