O’Brien Fabrications Employees Secure Yearly Wage Increases with New Contract
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O’Brien Fabrications Employees Secure Yearly Wage Increases with New Contract

Guelph, ON—Employees of O’Brien Fabrications Ltd., based in Guelph, Ontario, voted 69 percent in favour of ratifying a three-year collective agreement providing them with yearly wage increases.

The 19 unionized employees are represented by Construction Workers Union, CLAC Local 6. The union has represented them since February 2018.

The new contract provides the following yearly wages increases: eight, five, and three percent for HVAC employees; eight, four, and four percent for cladding employees; four percent each year for welders; and five, three, and three percent for labourers. In addition, slope premiums of 50 cents, $1, and $1.50 per hour were introduced along with a $1 per hour for welding ticket premium. The tool, boot, and phone allowance was increased by $200 to $500. All employees will see an increase to their life and AD&D payout to $70,000, $10,000 for a spouse, and $5,000 for a child. Vision coverage increases to $350.

“In a very competitive market for skilled workers, our focus was to attract qualified journeypersons while providing avenues for growth from within the company,” says Sonya Dean, CLAC representative. “Negotiations were lengthy, but we are really happy with the result. The union bargaining committee was instrumental in achieving these results.”

O’Brien Fabrications provides HVAC, steel roof and cladding, and custom welding services throughout Guelph and the Tri-City region.

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