Making the Most of the Daily Grind
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Making the Most of the Daily Grind

Incorporating the right routines in your life is important to your well-being

By Gord O’Coin, Regional Director, Sudbury Member Centre

The few short summer months are arguably the most wonderful time of the year. Longer days, late nights, vacations, cottages, camping, bonfires, beaches, swimming, and just using every excuse to enjoy the outdoors. It’s a season that allows us to switch up our regular routines and embrace the moment.

In my world, there is also a lot of excitement about the beginning of September. Our work team is all back after what seems like a few months of vacant offices while people enjoy their vacations. Our kids are back in school. Extracurricular activities and sports have restarted.

It almost feels more like a new year than what happens on January 1.

We are just over a month from the start of this “new year,” and the feeling of the daily grind has become so real. How many more days until the weekend so it doesn’t feel like we are rushing out the door in the morning? When is our next vacation or the next public holiday? How many more lunches do I have to make for the kids until it’s summer? How many more weeks do I have to put up with all this increased traffic and road construction on my way to work?

In a few short weeks, this excitement of a “new year” has led to our daily routines seeming very monotonous. For some, routines can feel boring and repetitive. However, routines are so vitally important in both our work and personal lives.

Incorporating the right routines in your life is important to your well-being. Setting these up allows you to prioritize what matters in your life.

For example, one routine that I have set up in my life is waking up early enough to have time by myself. This time is spent reflecting on the day ahead of me, perhaps working out, journalling, or reading.

But the primary focus is being by myself in the quiet of the morning. When I get these mornings, I feel like I own the day, rather than the mornings when I wake up with everyone else and everyone is running around to get out the door in time for work and school.

For you, it may be taking a 20-minute walk during your lunch break, joining a team to play a sport after work, having a Sunday meal with your family, taking a few moments at the start of your work day to prioritize your tasks for the day, taking short breaks during the work day to breathe and realign your focus, getting to bed at the same time each night. The possibilities are endless.

The challenge is being specific in your life to adopt the routines that enhance your well-being. By making these a priority into your work and personal life, you can embrace a more fulfilled life.

10 Benefits of Setting Up a Proper Routine


  1. You will have less stress and lower your chances of burnout.
  2. You will have better physical health (especially if you include yoga or self-care into your routine).
  3. You will get a better understanding of your desires, goals, and passions.
  4. You will be more productive and achieve more in your career and relationships.
  5. You will be happier and more willing to acknowledge your strengths.
  6. Your sleep will be better because you will have a better sleep schedule.
  7. You will form better habits and address as well as overcome your bad habits.
  8. You will be more focused and have an increased attention span.
  9. You will decrease your odds of having depression and anxiety.
  10. You will have extra time to enjoy the activities you love and spend time with loved ones.
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