Made Electric Employees Unanimously Ratify First Collective Agreement
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Made Electric Employees Unanimously Ratify First Collective Agreement

Toronto—Local 52 members employed as electricians and electrician apprentices by Made Electric Inc., based in Toronto, unanimously ratified their first collective agreement providing them with excellent wages and other significant improvements.

The three-year contract provides wages of $40 per hour followed by $1 per hour increases in 2023 and 2024. In addition, members will be enrolled in the CLAC Pension Plan, with employer contributions of eight percent followed by one percent increases 2023 and 2024. Members will also be enrolled in CLAC’s benefits plan, with premiums paid by the employer. Other improvements include an annual $500 boot and tool allowance and the addition of 10 percent shift, 12 percent foreperson, and 6 percent lead-hand premiums.

“Introducing a new collective agreement provided a framework for our new members at Made Electric to follow,” says Randy Parris, representative. “The employees felt a sense of ownership because they were involved in the process.”

Made Electrical provides electrical services across the GTA.

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