Keeping Your Job Search Positive
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Keeping Your Job Search Positive

5 Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude While Job Hunting

At the peak of the pandemic, in spring 2020, over 5.5 million Canadians were laid off or had lost their jobs because of the coronavirus. 

The prognosis started to turn sunny in mid- to late-2020, with employment numbers closing in on their prepandemic levels. Though December brought another drop, things are thankfully looking up. Statistics Canada reports that in June 2021 employment rose by 231,000 following two straight months of decline.

Unfortunately, these gains are entirely due to part-time workers returning to their jobs following lockdown restrictions being lifted. And the largest percentage of these workers were youth aged 15 to 24.

If you are one of the many Canadians still looking for work, your job search may mean going on interview after interview—which can get exhausting. Maintaining a positive outlook is key to surviving the cutthroat job search environment.

5 Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude While Job Hunting

  1. Don’t dwell on the past. You may not have hit that last interview out of the park, but the next one is a whole new opportunity for you to shine. Of course, you can learn from your experiences—some people find it valuable to ask for feedback following an interview, no matter the outcome. Interviewers may be willing to share their insights into your interview performance or what type of job your skills may be best suited for.
  2. Practice self-care. Make sure you take time to step back and do things that you enjoy. Whether it’s reading a new book or going for a hike, focussing on yourself will give you the confidence to face another day of pounding the pavement. 
  3. Boost your knowledge. Give your CV a tune-up by taking an online course in your field. This will show potential employers that you are proud to keep up to date on the latest trends and can also serve as a self-esteem boost. 
  4. Ask the right questions. Remember that when you go into a job interview, it’s also an opportunity for you to interview the company to determine if it’s a good fit. When given the chance to ask about the job and the organization, be sure to have some questions ready. It will show you are interested in the position and can help shift your mindset back to finding what’s right for you.
  5. Look the (virtual) part. With COVID-19 precautions in place, many companies are still conducting interviews virtually. Take interviews in a room with good lighting and few distracting objects in the background so you are the focus of attention, not the poster behind you.

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