It's a New Day for Training
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It's a New Day for Training

Meeting the challenges of COVID-19 with new training options

Over the years, training for workers in the construction industry has undergone many changes. Most of those changes have been focused on the evolution of what is considered best practices. Updating training courses is something that happens continually as we learn new and safer methods of doing the work that our tradespeople do every day.

The last year has had a big impact on training in today’s construction world. With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, the big question became, how do we provide proper training for workers in an age of social distancing and limited class sizes? How can we ensure that training can continue to meet the highest industry standards when in-person training is being limited?

Just like the rest of the world, training providers have adapted to the challenges by examining how training is being delivered. Similar to how many people use technology to work from home, training providers are now using that same technology to deliver their programs.

We now see programs that are either offered virtually, using platforms like Zoom, or being done in a combination of online and in-class sessions. Today, you can take your first aid course through blended learning. Half the course is taken online and the second half is done in the classroom. You can now take your skidsteer operator training in the same manner, with the classroom portion online and the actual operation and hands-on training at the training center.

No matter what the challenge, CLAC Training and our training partners are ready to meet it, adapt, and continue to provide the training you need to work safely. Ensuring that the delivery of that training meets industry standards, is meaningful to our tradespeople, and is done in the safest environment possible will always be the goal.

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