Improving Workplaces across Ontario
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Improving Workplaces across Ontario

CLAC’s policy submission to the Ontario government

On December 15, CLAC submitted a series of six policy ideas to the Ontario government. 

CLAC believes that unions are an effective and integral part of creating just working conditions in Ontario workplaces, are effective mediating institutions that advance the common interests of workers, and can facilitate more collaborative, productive, and rewarding working experiences for members.

Policy Idea #1: WSIB for Retirement and Residential Care Homes
Policy Idea #2: Review of the Hospital Labour Disputes Arbitration Act (HLDAA)
Policy Idea #3: Opt-out Provision for Public Entity, Nonconstruction Employers
Policy Idea #4: Ensure Fair Tendering on Publicly Funded Projects
Policy Idea #5: Expand Access to Project Labour Agreements on Major Private Sector Projects
Policy Idea #6: Protection for Workers in Transition

The full policy submission can be downloaded below. 

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