Huge Wage Gains for Local 52 Members Employed by Tor-Crete
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Huge Wage Gains for Local 52 Members Employed by Tor-Crete

Scarborough, ON—Local 52 members employed by Tor-Crete Ltd., a ready-mix contractor serving the GTA, voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new three-year collective agreement providing them with huge wage gains and other improvements.

The 40 ready-mix concrete truck drivers will see an immediate raise of $4 to their hourly wage rate. Subsequent raises of $1 per hour will apply to each of the remaining contract years. In addition, the agreement includes significant increases to the employer’s hourly pension contributions, improvements to the boot allowance, improved overtime provisions, and more. The union negotiated new paid personal/sick days, which is a big breakthrough in an industry that often resists this important change.

“This contract is a big win for the membership at Tor-Crete, with much deserved wage and pension increases that can only be described as massive!” says Robert Brink, CLAC representative. “The union bargaining committee worked hard to turn the driver’s priorities into an agreement that is fair. The 88 percent vote in favour of the contract is a clear indication that the committee met members’ expectations. And in a tight labour market, with drivers harder to find than ever, this settlement also puts the employer in a good position with respect to recruitment and retention. It’s really a win all around.”

Orlando Gayle, a member of the union bargaining committee, echoed that sentiment. “This settlement strengthens the position of the workforce,” he says. “An equitable compensation situation was our priority, and we achieved it.”

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