How to Extinguish Burnout
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How to Extinguish Burnout

A growing workplace problem—particularly during the pandemic—burnout requires tangible workplace solutions.

Burnout—it reduces productivity, drains your energy, and leaves you feeling helpless, hopeless, and resentful. The pandemic didn’t create burnout, but the last 15 months have turned it into a growing crisis that workplaces can’t afford to ignore. 

And it is squarely a workplace issue. The World Health Organization says burnout results from “chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed,” and now includes it in its International Classification of Diseases. Harvard Business Review calls it “an organizational problem that requires an organizational solution.”

Open the PDF below for a look at what burnout is, its causes and symptoms, and how to manage them.

Read more about pandemic-induced workplace burnout, as well as tips on how to mitigate it. 

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