Healthcare Plus Update
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Healthcare Plus Update

By Dennis Oenema, Field Representative, Kelowna Member Centre

Our Healthcare Plus Training program in Kelowna runs from September to May. The last two training sessions — which are two hours in length — address diabetes and eating disorders, which are growing areas of concern in our society.

We are currently looking to expand these training programs to the Lower Mainland via Video Conference.

We run our training sessions in Kelowna at 90-percent-plus capacity. There is always great interest from our healthcare members, but also the general public. Our members can attend these training sessions free of charge most of the time, since most of the cost is absorbed by CLAC Training. We also have a sponsor who donates directly to the cost of contracting presenters, and the general public pays a minimal fee to participate in the training. 

In total, we provide about eight different workshops and are looking at offering some new ones including Sleep and Exercise; Building Trust, Developing Rapport; De-escalating Conflict Situations, Trauma; Grief; Representation/End of Life Agreements; and Mental Health First Aid, which is a two-day course. We are always open to suggestions or ideas for other training initiatives. 

For more information on Health-care Plus training programs, please contact the Kelowna Member Centre at

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