First Contract for Hardie Industrial Services Employees
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First Contract for Hardie Industrial Services Employees

London, ON—A first collective agreement has been secured for the electrical employees of London- and Toronto-based Hardie Industrial Services Inc.

The settlement was negotiated by their union, Construction Workers Union, CLAC Local 53. Terms of the settlement took effect April 18, 2022, and continue until July 2024. CLAC Local 53 was certified as the union for the employees by the Ontario Labour Relations Board in December 2021.

The settlement establishes a full spectrum of union contract benefits for the employees including scheduled wage increases, improved healthcare benefits, and first contributions to a true pension plan. Other notable aspects include vacation pay increases, paid work time for health and safety training courses, and an improved annual workwear and safety footwear allowance.

“CLAC Local 53 is pleased to deliver this strong settlement for our newest members,” says Roger Grootenboer, CLAC representative. “In this period of swirling economic turbulence, the contract terms provide exactly the security and compensation that these members were looking for—excellent wages, strong healthcare benefits, and a pension plan they can trust.”

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