Engaging with Indigenous Populations
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Engaging with Indigenous Populations

CLAC has made it a priority to offer high-quality training to First Nations communities across the country while ensuring their culture is respected and their needs are met

Across Canada, CLAC has launched and supports numerous programs that address or meet the specific needs of Indigenous populations in the workforce, especially in construction and the skilled trades. Below is a glimpse at what we’ve been working on recently—and with the help of our staff, members, and signatories, there will undoubtedly be more to report on by next year.

CLAC Training in British Columbia

The Virtual Classroom Training System has delivered theory-based training to remote locations, with up to 200 students attending at once!

Training to Employment Model
CLAC Training follows four pillars in its Aboriginal engagement programs.

1. Gap identification
2. Essential skill development
3. Trades training
4. Work placement

CLAC Training in Alberta

2 weeks
Duration of the scaffolder/insulator program ran in partnership with the Kehewin (January 2023), Whitefish Lake (February 2023), Frog Lake (May 2023), and Saddle Lake (August 2023) First Nations

12 weeks
Length of summer 2022 Pre-Employment Welding Program offered to Indigenous students in which they completed their first-period apprenticeship schooling and seven job-required safety tickets and Canadian Welding Bureau structural welding certifications

6 weeks
Length of a “preschool” program in partnership with Trade Winds to Success that will launch this summer. On September 8, 2023, eight students graduated from the 12-week welding program.

Number of Indigenous students trained so far in 2023

Number of students in the Train to Employment Program that self-identify as Indigenous (75 percent of the students are from underrepresented communities in the trades)

Number of high school students who participated in hands-on activities at the CLAC Welder Testing and Training Centre, in partnership with Enoch Cree Nation and Careers

CLAC Training in Saskatchewan

Number of Indigenous initiatives

Number of First Nations engaged

Number of Indigenous students (from six First Nations communities) who trained since September 30, 2022, five of which were women

Amount spent on Indigenous training programs (three in total) from September 2022 to September 2023

Total spent on Indigenous initiatives (including wages for the students while they are learning)

Number of Indigenous students who participated in a CLAC-run program

CLAC Training in Manitoba

Communities in Manitoba (and 1 in northern Ontario) partnering with CLAC Training and Penn-Co to deliver safety and skills training via the Construction Skills Training Program

Students from five First Nations communities have completed more than 480 hours of training

June 2023
CLAC Training and CLAC Manitoba becomes signatories to Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord, an initiative working toward the fulfillment of the 94 Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

CLAC Training in Ontario

5 days
In-class training for operator-based bootcamp for Indigenous workers from local communities for a project in Rainy River First Nations

4 days
On-site training. The program was altered to fit the needs of Ledcor Construction Limited on that specific site.

8 weeks
Length of job placement for graduates as a labourer, truck driver, or operator with Ledcor

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