Drillwell Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract
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Drillwell Employees Unanimously Ratify New Contract

Logan Lake, BC—Employees of Drillwell Enterprises Ltd. unanimously ratified a three-year collective agreement providing them with numerous improvements.

The employees are represented by Construction and Allied Workers Union, CLAC Local 68. The union has represented the employees since October 2020.

The new contract provides wage increases of 5 percent in the first year followed by a 3 percent increase in year two and 2.5 percent in year three. In addition, pay in lieu of holidays increases to 10 hours from 8, and the safety clothing allowance increases to $400 annually from $300.

“This is a strong agreement for the membership, as evidenced by their unanimous support,” says Jim Oostenbrink, regional director of the union’s Kelowna Member Centre. “The improvements will help offset the increasing cost of living and help the employer retain and attract staff in a competitive labour environment.”

Drillwell is water well drilling contractor operating on Vancouver Island and Highland Valley Copper Mine.

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