Did You Hear?
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Did You Hear?

Workers in subsectors of healthcare and social assistance experience hearing loss at high rates.

According to a study by NIOSH, workers in the healthcare and social assistance industries suffer hearing loss at a rate higher than expected for industries that have assumed low exposure to noise. 

The highest-risk sectors were child daycare services, ambulatory and healthcare services, community food and housing, and emergency and relief services. 

The institute’s recommended exposure limit for noise is a time-weighted average of 85 decibels over an eight-hour period.

CLAC believes it is important for you to ensure you look after your health — that includes your hearing. Ensure that you have proper hearing protection available that there is an adequate supply for you and your coworkers.

If you have questions regarding hearing protection, you should speak with your health and safety representative or your CLAC representative.

Source: Canadian Occupational Safety 

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