Clean Sheets
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Clean Sheets

It’s a tough, messy job, but someone’s gotta do it

Local 501 members employed by Ecotex Healthcare Linen Service Inc. clean and sterilize a comprehensive range of contaminated and stained linens—including operating room linen—for hospitals, ambulatory care centres, medical clinics, and other industries. The work is dirty, repetitive, and physically demanding and needs to be done perfectly with a high degree of safety awareness. 

But these Local 501 members are up to the job. The local has represented nearly 300 workers employed by Ecotex in various locations in BC since 2004.

The family-run company, founded in 1974, has become a leading provider of hygienically clean healthcare linen and laundry services. With locations throughout Canada and the US, Ecotex launders and processes well over a million textile items every week. And it does so using the most environmentally friendly practices available to the industry.

CLAC represents production, scale, pack out, laundry, and soil sort technicians as well as a number of engineers at the company’s locations in Abbotsford, Castlegar, and Lake Country, BC. From these locations, Local 501 members take pride in providing patients in hospitals and care facilities in the Lower Mainland, the Interior region, and the Kootenay region with clean sheets to ensure they receive the best possible care.

Tragically, Stan Massingberd, a long-time employee at Ecotex, passed away earlier this summer in a car accident. Our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and fellow members at Ecotex. He will be sadly missed.

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