CLAC National Board—Who We Are and What We Do
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CLAC National Board—Who We Are and What We Do

Here's an overview of the board and what we do for members

By Co Vanderlaan, National Board Secretary

The National Board consists of 10 members spread out across the country to achieve regional representation. Members are elected by the union’s National Convention—CLAC’s governing body—every three years.

The board derives its authority from the organization’s constitution. Six months prior to a convention, locals and CLAC Staff Council are invited to present nominations to the board. A slate of qualified and eligible members is then presented to convention delegates who vote on who will serve on the board.

Board terms are for three years, and a board member may be reelected two more times. The board appoints a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. Together, they form the National Board Executive.

The board monitors the organization through CLAC’s executive director, who is required to attend all board meetings. It monitors financial activities through its Audit Committee in conjunction with the annual audit performed by an outside firm. In addition, the board ensures that

• long term financial planning takes place;
• CLAC’s annual budget is adhered to;
• proper policies are established concerning the treatment of staff;
• fair and just collective agreements are negotiated and adhered to;
• members receive effective representation and benefits such as retirement savings plans, health and welfare plans, and training programs;
• all decisions made by the National Convention are implemented.

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