CLAC Calls for a Corporate Tax Rate That Will Keep Jobs in Alberta
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CLAC Calls for a Corporate Tax Rate That Will Keep Jobs in Alberta

EdmontonCLAC is raising concerns over the Alberta NDP’s recent campaign announcement that it will raise corporate taxes to 11 percent if it wins the May 29 provincial election.

CLAC represents thousands of skilled tradespeople across Alberta and is concerned about long term employment for its members.

Alberta enjoys the lowest taxes in Canada, and this has proven to be a highly lucrative investment environment, says Dennis Perrin, CLAC Prairies director.

Tax rates have a direct impact on investment, and capital investment has a direct impact on jobs. If corporate taxes are raised, it can have the very real effect of moving facilities and jobs out of the country. CLAC’s interest is maintaining an investment climate that attracts good-paying jobs for skilled Albertans.

Over the past number of years, Albertans have been able to build some of the most advanced facilities in the world, Perrin says. "Our desire is to see these jobs continue in the province so that Alberta workers can take pride in what we build while maintaining safe and high-paying jobs."

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