CLAC Applauds the Unsung Heroes Keeping Canadians Fed
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CLAC Applauds the Unsung Heroes Keeping Canadians Fed

Many receiving well-deserved additional compensation

CLAC Local 56 and Local 301 thank our members in food processing, warehousing and transportation, and food retail in Alberta for their dedication in ensuring Canadians have access to the food and goods they need during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Local 56 represents approximately 400 workers at Maple Leaf Poultry, who will be receiving an additional $80 per week from their employer—Maple Leaf Foods Ltd., on top of regular and overtime pay, to support them and thank them for their work during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“This bonus is good news for our members and is well-deserved,” says Melanie St. Andrews, CLAC representative. “These members are working hard to ensure that Canadians have access to the food we need. CLAC wants to thank these members for their dedication in keeping Canadians fed. These people are truly heroes who are operating in the background.”

Local 56 also represents 500 members in transportation and warehousing in Alberta employed by AG Drivers, Buy Low Warehouse, Mustang Transportation, and TCL Supply Chain, who are dedicated to getting food and goods from producers to our stores.

Finally, Local 301 is proud to represent approximately 5,000 grocery retail workers at Save-On-Foods and Real Canadian Wholesale Club. These members are on the front lines, keeping shelves stocked and stores open. In recognition of their essential service, they are also receiving additional bonus pay during the outbreak.

“Safety is of paramount importance, and all of these workplaces are putting in place measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 and keep workers and the public safe,” says St. Andrews. Some of these measures include social distancing, increased availability of hand sanitizer, additional cleaning protocols, increased security, and increased staffing to mitigate the workload.

“From production to transportation to the final sale, CLAC members are keeping Canadians fed,” says St. Andrews. “We can’t thank them enough and we will continue to work hard to ensure they are safe and receive the compensation they deserve.”  


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