Building Communities Winner!
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Building Communities Winner!

Twice per year (June and December), CLAC awards donations of $1,000, $1,500, or $2,500 to up to 15 local causes nominated by members. All causes and amounts are selected at random from qualified nominations. LUSO Community Services, nominated by Local 303 member Chantal Nyirabanguka (Victorian Order of Nurses), won a $2,500 donation in the December 2021 draw.

“LUSO Community Services has been making a difference for 40 years, and truly understands the needs of our community,” says Chantal. “This organization supports newcomers and immigrants by providing community settlement services; educational programs, which help individuals in need improve their life; and many other services including healthy meal programs and connection to other vital supports.”

LUSO Community Services is a non-profit, multicultural organization that supports children, youth, and families of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Established in 1980, it operates as a neighbourhood resource centre in northeast London. Services include literacy-based programs for children and families, youth programs, leadership development initiatives, settlement services for newcomers and immigrants, as well as programming to address issues of racism, cultural sensitivity, and competency.

Chantal immigrated to Canada from Africa in 2019, leaving her husband and two-year-old son. She attended Fanshawe College in London to obtain her PSW certificate and began working for VON as a full-time employee in London in February 2021. She applied for her family to join her in Canada, and just a few months ago, they were able to move to Canada and be reunited.

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