BC Megaproject Work
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BC Megaproject Work

As work for members in BC winds down on a number of megaprojects, work for the CLAC Jobs Team ramps up

By Kevin Kohut, BC Director

Over the past several years, thousands of members in BC have dedicated themselves—working long days, often away from home and family—to participating in the construction of what are commonly referred to as megaprojects. This terminology is typically applied to massive projects costing billions of dollars.

Though it is not uncommon for members to perform this type of work in BC, it has certainly been at an unprecedented level in recent years. But as some of these projects near completion, the CLAC Jobs Team has been working tirelessly with members to help them transition to other employment opportunities with CLAC-affiliated contractors.

Here are some current BC megaprojects employing members that are approaching their latter phases:

Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project – This project, costing over $30 billion, will triple the capacity of the original oil pipeline from Edmonton to the Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby, BC. It is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2024, which is quickly approaching.

Site C Clean Energy project – Construction of this massive hydroelectric dam, with a price tag now at more than $16 billion, began in the summer of 2015 and is slated to be actively providing electricity for up to 450,000 homes in 2025.

Coastal GasLink 670-kilometre pipeline – This $14.5 billion pipeline will transport natural gas from northeastern BC to LNG Canada’s export facility in Kitimat, BC, where it will be converted to its liquid state for export to global markets. The pipeline is reported to be 98 percent complete and has been in the process of crewing down.

The above projects have been such a part of the CLAC landscape in BC that it feels strange to imagine them finally reaching their conclusion. As the above projects begin to wind down, the CLAC Jobs Team has already seen a 70 percent increase in calls from members since the beginning of the year as they look to transition to work on other projects.

CLAC does not operate a hiring hall, but we believe in a workplace community based on partnership and cooperation. Our name-hire model prioritizes member choice.

The CLAC Jobs Team aims to connect workers with employers. Providing employment assistance services, they help members find placement with CLAC-affiliated employers. The service has been well-received by members, as evidenced by a number of appreciative emails and calls to CLAC staff.

“Thanks so much for helping me get work,” wrote one member. “I appreciate all you guys do and believe you don’t get enough credit for the work you do. So, I want to tell you that I do appreciate it more than you know. You all help us so much, and I just want to say thanks.”

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