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Like it or not, we spend more time with our coworkers than our friends and family. And some of the things we do at work may make us a candidate for most annoying employee of the month award

10 Ways to Drive Your Coworkers Bananas

1. Reheat fermented herring and blue cheese casserole so all can enjoy the fragrant fumes.

2. Spot something in the communal fridge that isn't yours? Help yourself!

3. Everyone will appreciate it if you tell them how to do their jobs and give advice.

4. Complain about everything—your boss, your coworkers, your persistent hangnail.

5. Overshare about your personal life. Yes, your coworkers love to hear every intimate detail about Sparkles the cat’s daily bowel movements.

6. Time your burning questions for when your coworkers are on the way to the bathroom or when they’re done for the day.

7. Pour yourself a cup of Joe and don’t make another pot—your time is too important.

8. Serenade your coworkers with tone-deaf renditions of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”—complete with interpretative dance moves.

9. Adopt a catchphrase and sprinkle it throughout your shift. “YOLO!” “Wassup?” “Boo-ya!”

10. Treat the lunchroom like your personal sanctuary. What better place to put your feet up, take off your socks, and clip your toenails?

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