Albright Manor Employees Continue Protest against Scheduling Changes
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Albright Manor Employees Continue Protest against Scheduling Changes

Beamsville, Ontario—Employees of Albright Manor in Beamsville continued their protests Wednesday evening while the home’s management board met inside.

Over 30 workers and representatives from the union attended to put pressure on their employer to back down from scheduling changes that would impact every worker in the nursing department.

The employees are represented by Niagara Health Care and Service Workers Union, CLAC Local 302.

A resident who attended the protest and wished to remain anonymous also indicated his concern with the number of times staff have had to work short. Provincially, virtually all nursing homes face staffing shortages on an almost daily basis. Personal support workers, who provide most of the front-line caregiving, have been leaving the industry due to terrible working conditions, including impossible workloads and increasing violence by residents in cognitive decline.

The government has yet to announce much-needed staffing increases, which were supported by all three provincial political parties during the last session of parliament. Workers at the protest invited the public to contact their MPPs to demand adequate funding for Ontario’s overwhelmed long term care system.

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