7 Tips For Saying No
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7 Tips For Saying No

Saying no can be awkward, but it’s important to set boundaries, and it can help you avoid feeling resentful down the road

Do you have a coworker who’s always trying to sell you stuff through their side hustle that you aren’t interested in (one only needs so much Tupperware) ? Or maybe a coworker is fundraising for their kid’s mime camp, and you really don’t have the cash to spend on overpriced cheese and chocolate (especially since you are lactose intolerant). Whatever the case, while saying no can feel awkward, there are a few things you can do to make it easier.

1.    Listen politely. Let them go through their spiel without interrupting. Everyone likes to feel heard. 
2.    Be straightforward. Don’t say maybe or I’m not sure. Ensure that they know that you aren’t interested. 
3.    Be polite. Don’t just say no and walk away, or worse, disparage their idea. Decline politely.
4.    Explain yourself. This is optional, but if you feel that you need to explain yourself, you can. But beware, as they may use this as an opportunity to try to convince you. 
5.    Don’t lie. It’s better not to give a reason than to give a false reason.
6.    Stick with your decision. If you continually give in under pressure, people won’t respect your no in the future. 
7.    Don’t feel guilty. You aren’t obligated to support your coworker’s kid’s dream of being a mime, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to purchase things you don’t need. You are allowed to say no. 

Source: Harvard Business Review

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