10 Ways to Make Success a Habit
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10 Ways to Make Success a Habit

Looking to progress in your career? These tips apply to every workplace, from healthcare to retail to construction.

  1. Speak up in meetings. Don’t have anything to contribute this time around? Voicing support for a coworker’s idea or asking a question can help in decision-making and put you at top of mind for upcoming opportunities.
  2. Make a point of saying hello. Your boss, and your boss’s boss, will remember friendly faces—and the recognition can give you confidence to eventually make a casual suggestion about ongoing work.
  3. Take action. When challenges arise, instead of complaining or giving up, get to work compiling a list of things that you can immediately do to help remedy the situation.
  4. Volunteer for leadership opportunities. Showing enthusiasm for new tasks or asking to be supported in taking work-related training will communicate that you are ready, willing, and able to climb the ladder.
  5. Expand your social circle. Being chummy with people in all categories and at all levels of your workplace will give you a greater understanding as to how your company runs.
  6. Listen—really listen. Whether in a meeting or chatting before a shift, make sure you give the other person your full attention. Nothing says “this isn’t important to me” like wandering eyes, interrupting, or working on your reply before the person has finished speaking. 
  7. Keep track of your achievements. It can often be hard to remember all the tasks you have taken on, especially when you are asked on the spot. Keep a running list of all the amazing ways you’ve contributed so that you can refer back.
  8. Implement feedback. Did you get some constructive criticism from a coworker or management? Make an attempt to put them into practice, and report back if their suggestions worked.
  9. Be positive. When everyone around you is complaining, vocalizing the sunny side not only helps improve morale but brings attention to how you approach tough issues.
  10. Find a routine and stick with it. Being on time, taking your breaks at regular intervals, and making sure your coworkers know your schedule will ensure others see you as consistent and trustworthy.

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