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Wouldn’t it be nice if a union helped workers—whether they’re members or not—connect with employers and employers connect with workers? That’s exactly what our Career Services do.

When you contact Career Services, you will be tapping into one of our busiest departments, and for good reason. This is where the workers we represent turn to get jobs.

At the same time, closed shop and hiring hall approaches have never made sense to us—if workers and employers need each other, why keep them apart?

Instead, our approach is simple, fair, and respectful: match workers with employers and employers with workers.

We connect workers with employers across the country and across all the sectors we represent, from construction to health care, retail, service, transportation, mining, and more.

Whether you’re a worker, or an employer associated with CLAC, use the information below to contact Career Services today.

NOTE: Some Career Services offerings are only available to workers who are members of CLAC.

Contact Your Regional Career Services Office

British Columbia

19955 81A Ave.
Langley, BC  V2Y 0C7

Telephone: 604–888–7220
Toll Free: 800–331–2522
Facsimile: 604–455–1565



14920 118 Ave.
Edmonton, AB  T5V 1B8

Telephone: 780–454–6181 Ext: 2214
Toll Free: 877–863–5154 Ext: 2214
Facsimile: 780–454–3050



3634 Millar Avenue
Saskatoon, SK S7P 0B1

Telephone: 306–649–2522
Toll Free: 877–649–2522
Facsimile: 306–649–2526



185 Provencher Blvd., Unit 100
Winnipeg, MB  R2H 0G4

Telephone: 204–989–0198
Toll Free: 877–989–2522
Facsimile: 204–942–6967



64 Saltsman Dr.
Cambridge, ON  N3H 4R7

Telephone: 519–653–3002
Toll Free: 877–701–2522
Facsimile: 519–653–3004


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Career Services

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