Traffic Control (IHSA) | Online

This eLearning program is designed to help those who work as signallers or traffic control persons understand the relevant legislation, learn the risks associated with their work, and find out how to manage those risks.

The content of this course is enhanced through case studies, worksheets, and an evaluation plan. Participants will develop a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities as signallers and traffic control persons. More specifically, they will learn a variety of ways to recognize and control hazards in their work.

  • Clarifying the roles of signaller and traffic control person
  • Related provincial and federal legislation and guideline review
  • Hazard recognition methods
  • Vehicle/equipment blind spots
  • Prevention and control methods
  • Interpreting typical layout (TL) diagrams

Duration: 90 minutes

Member Price: $0.00

Non-Member/Public Price: $35.00