SMCP Module 2 – Health and Safety Essentials  | Online

Module 2 is not like the other SMCP modules.  It’s fully online so participants can work through it at their own pace whenever they like.  It focuses on the H&S responsibilities that fall to a supervisor, foreperson, or lead hand.  Participants will learn how to stay in compliance with the regulations and how to check that their team members are working safely.

If SMCP participants have already completed a H&S training course specifically for supervisors, then they can be exempted from the learning modules and just complete the two short tests.  Participants will be asked to provide a copy of their certificate at the time of registration and will need to score 75% on both tests to complete the exemption.

Duration: 2 hours

Member Cost: $0

Non-Member/Public Cost: The cost of this module is covered by the one-time registration fee paid upon enrolment in Module 1.



Contact us at supervisor@clac.ca or by text at 519-865-9711.