Medical Gas Piping and Systems Installation Examination Preparation Class

This CSA-approved class prepares plumbers and steamfitters/pipefitters to write the Medical Gas Piping and Systems Installations Certification exam as outlined in CSA Z7396-1 Standard, Medical Gas Pipeline Systems — Part 1: Pipelines for medical gases, medical vacuum, medical support gases, and anaesthetic gas scavenging systems.

The class consists of 36 hours of in-class training, including:

  • 32 hours of training participants to use CSA Z7396-1-22 Standard, including a review of all clauses and annexes
  • 4 hours of practical, hands-on training on brazing/purging procedures

Optional pre-class activities and post-class practice exams are available to support participants to prepare for the class and to prepare to write the exam after the class.

Requirements to write the CSA certification exam

To write this exam, participants must

  • successfully complete this CSA-approved preparation class;
  • have a valid Certificate of Qualification (CofQ) as plumber or steamfitter/pipefitter (CofQ not required to take the class); and
  • have proof of a valid provincial brazing test.

Certification ensures journeypersons working on medical gas piping installations have the skills and abilities to complete the work safely and securely in all forms of construction and maintenance operations in the hospital construction industry.

Duration: 36 hours

Course Price: $1,600*

Additional Costs:

  • Study material: You must have a current online or PDF copy of the CSA Standard Z7396.1-22 to take the course. If you do not have a copy, please let us know and we will order a copy for you (additional cost of $400.00 + HST). If you supply your own, you will be required to show proof of your copy to the instructor.
  • Exam fee: $345 + tax payable to CSA.

* CLAC members who work for a company that contributes to the training fund are eligible to apply to CLAC for reimbursement of the cost of the course, up to a maximum of $400, upon successful completion.


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