Communication Skills for Supervising Health & Safety (IHSA)

This one day program provides information and content that goes beyond the Basics of Supervising training program which helps supervisors learn what health and safety tasks they need to complete to ensure they are in compliance. This new one-day Communication Skills for Supervising Health & Safety training program will build on what was learned in Basics of Supervising and will help supervisors learn how to complete those health and safety tasks.

Supervisors will learn that improved interpersonal skills will lead to improved proficiency and effectiveness with the four main supervisor health and safety tasks: inspecting, communicating, investigating, and enforcing.

The Communication Skills for Supervising Health & Safety program has 5 modules:

  • Vulnerable workers and the supervisor
  • Inspect the workplace
  • Communicate the hazards
  • Investigate incidents
  • Enforce the rules

This fast-paced, participant-centred training program is filled with fresh perspectives, self-assessment tools, and small group learning activities all focused on improving a supervisor’s communication skills and effectiveness with the health and safety tasks and activities associated with vulnerable workers and priority hazard areas.

Pre-requisite: Basics of Supervising (IHSA)

Duration: 8 hours

Member Cost: $0

Non-Member/Public Cost: $195


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